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Amber Ault, Ph.D., LISW-S

Amber brings to her clients extensive training and experience in crisis response, trauma recovery, couples therapy, and dealing with extremely challenging relationships and circumstances with clarity, creativity, resilience, and hope.  


During the Covid-19 pandemic, Amber hopes to provide support to individuals, couples, and families experiencing increased stress and grief, and is especially well-prepared to support health care providers and their families, having worked for years in health care settings and training sites. 


Amber's clients often describe the benefits of working with her as: greater clarity, greater self-kindness, a stronger sense of personal direction, greater courage to do difficult things, and more capacity to live with gratitude and joy. 


Amber earned a Ph.D. in sociology from The Ohio State University and an MSW from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She is trained in EMDR (a trauma treatment protocol) and completed a third-level certification in Gottman Couples Therapy.  She is the author of several self-help books for people struggling in relationships with others whose behaviors meet the criteria for narcissistic , anti-social, or borderline personality disorders.  She believes life is good, and is committed to helping her clients trust that and themselves. 

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