David Bowers Ph.D., IMFT

As a Marriage and Family therapist, I am attuned to clients’ interconnected webs of relationships even when working one-on-one. My experience and training with families and couples enables me to walk with clients through (re)discovering their connectedness with those they love.

While I have specialized training in CBT and EMDR, I’m most passionate about exploring clients’ stories, and listening for places where personal narratives might differ from others’. This often provides spaces for clients to explore new or neglected understandings of themselves and their relationships leading to preferred, more fulfilling future stories.

My academic affiliations include having taught courses in family stress, parenting and developmental psychology at OSU and Ohio Dominican University.

I enjoy working with clients across cultural, sexual and gender identity spectrums, including, but not limited to, folks who identify as heterosexual, bisexual, gay, lesbian or queer as well as clients who hold trans- or cis-gender among their identities. I work with clients in monogamous, polyamorous and various forms of negotiated open romantic relationships.

I work with clients who face a variety of challenges including recovery from substance use disorders, anxiety and depression, as well as relational challenges facing parents and adolescents.

My 20 years of work experience before becoming a therapist equips me with lived understanding of today’s hectic business and corporate life challenges, whether those involve meeting budgets and timelines or working through the sacrifices that happen when dealing with work/life demands.

I realize that sometimes just making a first appointment is a bold step and I work to hold a space that honors each step clients take in their journeys with me as their therapist.

Supervised by Cindy Herzberg LPCC-S, Licence# E.0800238 SPV




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