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Couples Therapy

My Partner & I Are Looking for Couples - Marriage Counseling.

What Should We Expect?


The first step when starting any type of counseling is an intake assessment.

Once the session begins, the therapist will be asking you and your partner historical questions, gathering information on any symptoms you and your partner are experiencing, and talking about what is currently happening in the relationship that is causing problems. 

At Bluestone Counseling we always set goals for therapy during the intake assessment because we think its important to articulate what the goals for therapy are so we can ensure we are on track, and so we have a way to determine whether we are making progress towards the goals that you and your partner identify. 

Once therapy begins, We like to gain some understanding about the couples belief systems when growing up. For example, what was modeled for each of them?  What expectations or influences might be at work in their relationship today? Once we gain some understanding about this we can begin creating strategies to help reach their goals.  

Many couples, for example, don't really slow down to hear each other and so often there are issues with communication.  So that would be a potential goal for therapy - to increase communication. 

Couples - Marriage Counseling really can help to identify problems and to help the couples to communicate more effectively to create a stronger bond within the relationship.

If you would like some help give me a call at 614-406-0299 and start the process from there.

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