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Individual Therapy

I Want To Start Individual Counseling but I'm Anxious.

What Will It Be Like?


The first session, called an intake assessment.


Once the session begins the therapist will be asking some other basic questions such as whether you are taking medication, whether you've done therapy before, and what symptoms you're experiencing.  Further information with be gathered in regards to what brings you to therapy, what issues you are struggling with, and when problems started.

At Bluestone Counseling we always set goals for therapy at the first session, that way we know if we are making progress.  Once we are done with the assessment, we will set a time to meet again.

Our experience at Bluestone Counseling, is that those people who feel anxious initially, usually feel less anxious by the end of the first session. We are not here to judge anyone - in fact my experience is once I hear someone's story, that person's behavior or their reaction to life's struggles (whatever struggles those are) usually makes perfect sense.  

Individual Counseling can really help in processing past issues and understanding how these issues might be effecting the client today, processing and making changes on current issues, and basically making changes to create a more fulfilling life. 

To talk with one of our therapists give us a call at 614-406-0299.

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