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Mandy Tata, LPCC-S

I am a licensed professional clinical counselor with a Master of Science at Wright State University.


I have worked in the mental health/drug and alcohol field for the past several years. I also have been trained and certified as a clinical trauma professional and trauma-informed care. I focus on CBT, reality therapy, REBT (pretty much all of the cognitive therapies), MI, and a person-centered approach. I also have explored areas pertaining to relationships, self-esteem, conflict, women's issues, anger and stress management, grief and loss, depression, mood swings, anxiety, impulsive behaviors, and domestic violence. 

I truly believe in practicing self-care strategies and healthier approaches for each individual. I'm all about meeting the client where they are in their recovery, whether it is their immediate/long-term goals or presenting issues.


I have discovered that trust and rapport are two of the most influential factors to build and grow throughout counseling services. My discovery has also been to practice what I preach regarding self-care, in order to be a healthier individual. Lastly, life is too short to enjoy, with that, I believe laughter and humor are also effective techniques, when clinically and ethically appropriate and beneficial for an individual.

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